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Entertainment Essentials: December 15, 2017

CREDIT: LucasFilm; Tommy Garcia/FOX; Amazon Prime Video

1. Movie: Star Wars: The Last Jedi – It’s Star Wars. ’Nuff said.

2. TV: A Christmas Story Live! (December 17 on FOX) – I am not sure how onboard I am with the live TV musical trend. Each one sounds enjoyable in theory, but I ultimately find them exhausting once they actually happen. Part of the problem could be that I never actually watch them live. But if it’s good, it should be good no matter how or when it’s consumed. Despite my misgivings, I’m still going to give A Christmas Story Live! a chance, partly because it’s based on a deserved holiday classic and mostly because Maya Rudolph is playing Mother.

3. TV: Jean-Claude van Johnson Season 1 (December 15 on Amazon) – In 2008’s JCVD, martial arts movie star Jean-Cladue van Damme played a washed-up version of himself stuck in a custody battle and mixed up in a hostage situation. The result was emotionally profound. So why not stick to the playing himself game? The journey continues in Amazon’s Jean-Claude van Johnson, in which van Damme/van Johnson begins his career as an undercover secret agent. This is an Amazon Prime exclusive, but the first episode is currently available to everybody.

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