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Entertainment Essentials: July 14, 2017

CREDIT: 20th Century FOX

Every Friday, NewsCult Entertainment Editor Jeffrey Malone recommends the entertainment essentials of the week – usually three, sometimes more, and usually at least one cinematic and at least one televisual, but it could be ANY combination.

1. Movie: Lady MacBeth – If you like English period pieces like Atonement that look like they are going to be stuffy but end up having quite the naughty streak, then keep an eye out for Lady Macbeth. But even with that intro, nothing can prepare you for the gale force that is Florence Pugh, who stars as Katherine, a lowly girl married off to an estate-owning family who uses her immeasurable guile to take power over her own situation. I saw this one several weeks ago, and I still don’t know what hit me.

2. Movie: War for the Planet of the Apes – The humans are dying out, and Caesar (Andy Serkis) just wants to move on and live peacefully. But there is a certain social engineering-minded soldier played by Woody Harrelson who is digging in his heels. The latest chapter in the Apes reboot series maintains the thrills of its predecessors while ramping up the bleakness. Do not expect to walk out of this one happy, but do expect to be entertained.

3. TV: Game of Thrones Season 7 Premiere (July 16 on HBO) – This is the biggest show in the world. You don’t need me to say anything to convince you to watch. So here’s a guest contribution from my CEO, Gayana Sark, who says, “I’m more excited than when I know I’m going to get laid.”

4. TV: Decker: Mindwipe Season Premiere (July 16 on Adult Swim) – The latest edition of Tim Heidecker and Gregg Turkington’s low-budget action movie parody just wrapped up this past Sunday, and the next season is already starting this coming Sunday. This is thus more or less a single season with a reboot in the middle, but I’ll take any chance I can get to highlight an Adult Swim series with purposely terrible acting.


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