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Entertainment Essentials: May 18, 2018

CREDIT: HBO; Adult Swim; Michael Ansell/ABC

Every Friday, NewsCult Entertainment Editor Jeffrey Malone recommends the entertainment essentials of the week – at least three, often more, and usually at least one cinematic and at least one televisual, but it could be ANY combination.

1. TV: The Royal Wedding Live with Cord and Tish! (May 19 on HBO) – We know you have many options for how to watch the royal wedding, and those who appreciate good comedy thank you if you choose to spend it with Cord Hosenbeck and Tish Cattigan, aka Will Ferrell and Molly Shannon, who debuted their new excitable reporter character at this year’s Rose Parade, and they just had to bring them back for this special occasion.

2. TV: Joe Pera Talks With You Series Premiere (May 20 on Adult Swim) – Joe Pera is kind of like a Fred Rogers for the alternative comedy set. His gentle cadence is transfixing and hilarious in a way that’s tricky to pinpoint. He debuted his Adult Swim explainer persona about a year and a half ago for a special in which he revealed how to find the perfect Christmas tree. Now that he has a full series, he is aiming his expertise towards the likes of pancakes, blueberries, eggs, toast, sausage, bacon, English muffins, coffee, orange juice, maple syrup, waffles, cornbread, and strawberries.

3. TV: The Middle Series Finale (May 22 on ABC) – Quick: what’s the best family sitcom of the past decade? If you said, “Modern Family,” you’re close. It’s the other ABC show that debuted in September 2009 and starts with an “M.” The Middle has flown a bit under the radar for most of its nine-season run, appropriately enough for a show about an economically struggling family of oddballs in the Midwest. The Hecks got their wins in only every once in a while, and viewers who have shared those victories have experienced some of the most emotionally satisfying TV experiences of the past several years.

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