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Entertainment Essentials: May 25, 2018

CREDIT (Clockwise from Top Left): Lucasfilm; Saeed Adyani/Netflix; Eric Liebowitz/Netflix; Earwolf

Every Friday, NewsCult Entertainment Editor Jeffrey Malone recommends the entertainment essentials of the week – at least three, often more, and usually at least one cinematic and at least one televisual, but it could be ANY combination.

1. Movie: Solo: A Star Wars Story – Alden Ehrenreich is no Harrison Ford, for sure, but he is a perfectly decent spacefarer of his own. But folks, you know you gotta check out Donald Glover as Lando. And maybe you didn’t know this already, but I’ma tell you right now, Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s L3-37 is a mighty fine droid for the ages.

2. TV: Arrested Development Season 5 (May 29 on Netflix) – One of the reasons that Arrested Development’s original three-season run was so successful was its cracked take on the Bush era. So perhaps Season 4 did not quite connect because it felt unnecessary in the Obama years. But now with the Trump family taking the spotlight, the parallels will just draw themselves. (Jeffrey Tambor’s recent misbehavior makes this season a little hard to fully embrace, but that’s on him, not us.)

3. TV: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season 4 Part 1 (May 30 on Netflix) – Kimmy is wrapping up her business as Season 4 will be the last of this exuberant Netflix sitcom. I could tell you the new plots that we have to look forward to, but we all know that we’re all just waiting for whatever wackiness comes out of Titus’ mouth. Though let’s not sleep on what Lillian or Jacqueline have to say, either. And for sure there will be guest stars, like Busy Philipps, Greg Kinnear, Bobby Moynihan, Aidy Bryant, and of course Jon Hamm.

4. Podcast: Unspooled – Paul Scheer and Amy Nicholson team up for this new podcast in which they watch and discuss all the entries of the AFI’s list of the 100 greatest American films of all time. They already covered #1, Citizen Kane, in their debut episode, and now they are on to #100, Ben-Hur. Podcast fans already know that these hosts are valuable film commenters, and it should be fun as they approach many of these films with the fresh eyes of watching them for the first time.

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