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Entertainment Essentials: October 20, 2017

CREDIT: Atsushi Nishijima/Netflix; FOX; The AV Club

Every Friday, NewsCult Entertainment Editor Jeffrey Malone recommends the entertainment essentials of the week – at least three, often more, and usually at least one cinematic and at least one televisual, but it could be ANY combination.

1. Movie: The Meyerowtiz Stories (New and Selected) – I’m not too impressed by this week’s film offerings, so I am going to pick one of last week’s new releases, which is kind of an evergreen selection, as it is a Netflix production and thus is already available to stream at home. In this tale of fathers, children, and siblings, Noah Baumbach does without Greta Gerwig, his frequent muse, but he makes up for it by bringing on board Adam Sandler, and wouldn’t you know it, their styles mesh perfectly. Dustin Hoffman, Ben Stiller, Elizabeth Marvel, and Grace van Patten also shine.

2. TV: The Simpsons, “Treehouse of Horror XXVIII” – In its old age, The Simpsons still manages to feel fresh around Halloween. The Springfield crew’s passion for pastiche is full-to-bursting in its spooky anthology tradition. Not every terrifying tale is an absolute winner, but just about all of them are at least pretty fun. And the show’s recent tendency to jam too much plot into a single episode can actually be asset in the Treehouse.

3. Podcast: Mom on Pop – This podcast from The AV Club’s John Teti features him discussing one particular pop culture topic per episode with his mom Bonney. Teti is one of the most insightful entertainment journalists around, and through Bonney’s contributions, you can see where he got the courage to never hold back on his opinions. Keep an eye out also for their reviews of advice columns and Bonney’s updates on life in New Hampshire. I hope they haven’t copyrighted the concept of a mom-and-son podcast, because I might just want to start one myself!

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