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Envision Media To Make Animated Film About PEZ Dispensers

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Envision Media Arts has signed a deal with PEZ Candy Inc. that gives them exclusive rights to create an animated feature all about PEZ candy dispensers. It looks like the folks at Envision Media are envisioning a total and embarrassing movie flop in the near future, am I right? Cameron Fay, whose film credits include acclaimed masterpieces The Three Stooges Movie and Brother In Law, has agreed to write the film’s script.

PEZ candy dispensers were created nearly 90 years ago in Austria, and are famous for dispensing PEZ sugar candies that both look and taste like soap bars. Although many people partake of the PEZ when they are young, people who have grown wise with the passage of time see what PEZ really is. Much of the commotion surrounding PEZ candy is the actual PEZ dispensers, which feature state of the art dispensing action and typically some sort of pop culture character as the head.

Lee Nelson, CEO and founder of Envision Media Arts, said the PEZ film would touch the hearts of many of those who will watch it.

“PEZ candy is beloved by children and adults alike,” Nelson said.

This film was destined for greatness before the idea of it was even conceived, and is something you absolutely cannot afford to miss.

[Via Deadline]

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