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Eric Trump Was Featured on ‘Jeopardy!’ Last Night and Twitter Roasted Him

via Politico

Eric Trump watched Jeopardy! last night. He tweeted about it and shared a screenshot of his name on the television screen. Who cares about Eric Trump?

Somehow the president’s son knew the correct response, to the surprise of many on Twitter. The clue asked contestants what the relationship between Trump and Jared Kushner is. As we know, Kushner is married to Ivanka Trump, Eric’s sister.

Of course, Trump provided the answer in game show format in his caption on Twitter.

Good for Trump for providing the right answer, at least someone in this family can provide correct statements on social media. Despite this, many decided to share alternate ideas for what the correct response should be. “Brother-in-law” just seemed a little too tame for their liking.

Jeopardy! continues to motivate Americans to share their freedom of speech. Even if they fail to get the answer right, it’s funnier this way.

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