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Everyone Uber User’s Nightmare: An Illinois Woman’s $120 Uber Turned into $925

Photo credit: ABC7

An Illinois woman, Michelle Fox, rode in an Uber from Tinley Park to O’Hare Airport and back. Over the course of 100 miles, Uber’s surge price turned a $120 ride into $925.

Fox was unaware of the surge charge, a charge that everyone must accept before requesting a ride. Upon the receipt, Fox contacted Uber:

The only way to contact them is through the app. There’s no resolution to this, this is literally like I feel robbed.

Fox was not refunded until a news station reporter called the company. Uber reported that was a “perfect storm” of confusion and that they have refunded her for the charges. Uber stated:

We are proud to provide safe, reliable rides for all Chicagoans and encourage riders to input all desired stops into the app upfront to receive a correct fare estimate.

[via Jalopnik]

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