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“Excuse Me?”: In The ‘This Is Us’ Season 2 Episode 5 Promo Toby Reacts to Kate’s Big News


Season 2 of This is Us has been giving us so many feels, and it’s only four episodes in. The episodes have been filled with moments that have pieced together our previous questions from season 1 as well as making us cry, laugh, and smile along the way. But, it looks like Season 2 Episode 5 will be the most intense episode from this season yet.

If you haven’t watch this week’s episode then DO NOT READ ON.

But, if you have watched it, you know that Kate is pregnant. This news was super shocking. We found out Kate is six weeks pregnant in the final moments of the episode, leaving us to wonder when will she tell Toby? How will he react?

Well, it looks like Kate will reveal the secret to Toby sooner than we think, as in next week’s episode. Yay!

The promo opens right where the previous episode left off, dropping the bomb that she’s pregnant. In the promo, Kate seems excited to tell her fiancé about the big news. Kate shares “we’re pregnant,” and Toby, in his adorable and goofy way, responds “‘Scuse me?!”

I mean, weren’t these two supposed to be taking things slow? This isn’t anything faster than having a baby together. BUT, we are all Team Kate here, and they would make some pretty awesome parents so I’m beyond excited to see this happen.

[via Elitedaily]

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