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Facebook is Bringing Kids Messenger App to Android Despite the Controversy Surrounding It

Facebook released a new messenger app for iOS in December, which they intended to be for kids. As can be the case with anything geared toward kids, it raised quite a bit of controversy. However, Facebook is actually expanding the app, now bringing it to Android as well.

The idea behind the app was to make a private, safe messenger so that kids could talk to friends and family. They stated that they were incredibly prioritized in making sure the app was safe and age-appropriate. Facebook even stated that they won’t be using the kids messenger app data for advertising purposes. So if you hate ads, maybe switch over to the kids version.

Parents are able to control the settings of the app, making it even more user friendly. They can control the contacts the kids have, and who they can connect with. Facebook believes that this allows kids to interact with close friends and family without any threat of danger.

The downside of the app is that it’s encouraging kids to use Facebook more, much to the dismay of parents. While the newer app targets kids from 6-12, many parents are trying not to condone more screen time for their children. Kids will be kids, and find some way to get their debut on social media. So if you want them to be safe, it seems like Facebook is the way to do it.

[via The Verge]

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