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Facebook is Attempting to Tackle Bullying with its Revamped Safety Center

Facebook announced today that they have revamped their Safety Center to tackle bullying on social media. “People come to Facebook to share some of their most important moments in life,” claimed Antigone Davis, head of global safety at Facebook in a post today, “and we’ve built the Safety Center to help people control their experience on our platform and feel safe being themselves. Our new Safety Center walks you through the tools we offer to control your experience on Facebook, as well as numerous tips and resources for safe and secure sharing.”

The tool is available in over 50 languages, is mobile friendly and includes step-by-step videos. This update also brings their Bullying Prevention Hub to everyone on Facebook. The Hub is a resource for teens, parents and educators seeking guidance on on how to prevent and address bullying. Originally developed with the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence in 2013, Facebook is working with 50 partners around the world to make the Bullying Prevention Hub more widely available.

“For Facebook, making the world more open and connected, giving people the power to share some of their most important moments, means keeping people and their information safe,” David continued. “We hope you find our new Safety Center informative and engaging.

For a platform that is all about popularity, it’s only natural to create a safety outlet for those negatively affected by the consuming nature of social media, especially if it’s an issue Facebook itself has sort of created. Kudos to them, I guess?

[Via Mashable]

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