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Facebook is Giving Game Developers a Chance to Use Their Latest Software Development Kit

Facebook is now joining Twitch and YouTube in the video game streaming business, as the company has launched their brand new SDK (software development kit) for PC.

The PC games are now accessible to developers on their Facebook News Feed and the company will give creators the opportunity to give prizes to their fans when they watch the game on the site. For instance, when users watch the live-stream they may see a promotion like “Watch Overwatch streams for a chance to earn random loot to use in-game.”

The possibilities of this new program increase popularity and sales could for game developers could persuade them to use Facebook as the primary option for SDK.

The online giant is also giving game creators more in-depth analytics through “app events” that are obtainable on PC, online, and mobile. Facebook is letting developers merge their friend finder section, which allows them to play with their friends and look at important player stats.

[via TechCrunch]

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