Facebook Makes Your Ex Go Away With New Feature

This new feature from Facebook is awesome for those dealing with breakups.

This new feature from Facebook is awesome for those dealing with breakups.

Social networks can be really hard after a breakup. I’ve known people that just shut down everything for awhile until the pain goes away. They’d rather do anything than see their ex post random things, especially if they’re dating someone else already. And while blocking is an option, there’s something about that that just wounds your pride a bit. Facebook is doing what they can to understand by giving us some new tools so we don’t have to see our exes unless we want to.

Today, US Facebook users who change their relationship status on a mobile device can “take a break” from seeing things from their ex. The app presents you with a few options that remove the other person’s posts from your feed. It will also keep them from seeing status updates you don’t want them to see, and it’ll help untag them from your posts and pictures. It’s a relatively straightforward take on some existing privacy settings, but it’s really helpful all the same. If you’re the type of person that really cares about things like saving face in front of an ex, these tools might be the thing for you. However, if you’re the type that just wants to burn the bridge to the ground for whatever reason, maybe just blocking the offending person will help.

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