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Facebook Wants to Turn You into a Journalist with New Online Courses

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Sorry, Donald Trump. It looks like Facebook is actually part of the bias media machine you claim you despise.

Facebook recently announced that they want to turn users into journalists by launching online courses. In a blog post, Aine Kerr, Manager of Journalism Partnerships at Facebook, stated that:

“We’re proud today to launch Facebook’s online training for journalists, free e-learning courses inspired by conversations with editors and journalists across the globe who asked for a single destination where they can learn about Facebook’s products, tools and services for use in their work.”

According to the post, courses will be available through Blueprint, Facebook’s global training program, and will focus on the three core pillars of the news cycle: discovering content, creating stories, and building an audience. Each module contains best practices and guidelines from Facebook, but also draws heavily on great journalist case studies which we hope will inspire tens of thousands of other journalists. Courses available at launch will include “How Journalists Can Best Utilize Facebook and Instagram,” along with product courses on Facebook Live, 360 videos & photos, and Instant Articles.

Kerr claimed that already established journalists are invited to join in and give feedback on the courses.

“We also hope that journalists who join us on the site will continue the conversation by joining the News, Media & Publishing on Facebook Group, which is managed by the Facebook Media Partnerships team. There, they can take part in daily conversations with fellow journalists and members of Facebook’s product, operations and partnerships teams.

We’re committed to providing high quality and timely education and training opportunities for journalists. With that in mind, these courses will be regularly updated based on the feedback we receive from journalists and to reflect new products, features, updates, case studies and learnings. In the coming months, the website will also be translated into over eight languages, ensuring that we connect with as many journalists as possible around the world. It’s our hope that journalists will return again and again for new tools and information that will help them with their work.”

As cool as this is, this means that Facebook can now add “Online college” to their ever growing list as they attempt become the internet’s one true website.

[Via Mashable]


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