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Facebook’s Local App and Stories have Launched and It Puts that “Social” into Social Media

Facebook just keeps on giving! It’s new features – Local App & Stories – have officially launched.

The Local App is a new component to the social media platform that allows users to provide recommendations. What kind of recommendations? You can offer suggestions and reviews. In simple terms – it’s like Yelp, but for friends: “Hey you! I just went to this amazing coffee shop. This restaurant is having a special and guess what is on the menu?”

Facebook Stories provides live updates from friends. Take a picture of that coffee shop or zoom in on that menu!

What about Facebook events? Were you unable to attend that concert or party? Events now allow you to post stories to share in the group, so only those invited can view the videos.

Facebook also previously created a food delivery service which has teamed with:







Jack in the Box

Papa John’s



TGI Friday’s


El Pollo Loco


Five Guys

Jimmy John

Take your pick…

Facebook’s Vice President of Local, Alex Himmel, told Elite Daily:

We’re certainly looking to bring a number of partners together to work with us — and that’s chains as well as service…People already go to Facebook to browse restaurants and decide where to eat or where to order food, so we’re making that easier … in just a few taps.

These new features on your newsfeed really bring those IRL interactions to life.


[via Elite Daily]

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