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Fall: Evidence That Change is Beautiful

The season of pumpkin lattes, chunky scarves and the crunch of leaves has hit upon us and everyone’s Instagram is going to be a roaring fire. Single ladies are going to be more aware that they are single, guys are going to know to booty call a girl when they hear rain and the world is getting ready to head into Christmas-ville. I live in Los Angeles so when September hits, I’m irritated because it is about twenty degrees hotter than when it was in August, yet the trees surrounding me are changing into other colors, making me in the mood to be a JCrew stereotype…even if it’s about a thousand degrees out. As I was walking down my street, I realized this would be my third September in Los Angeles and how my life has changed since I’ve arrived. They say it’s good to never look back, which I absolutely agree, but for me, looking back has been helpful, as it has shown me how far I’ve come and how I have evolved since the beginning of my time here in L.A.

When I arrived, I used to get very worried about random things-  I didn’t like being far away from home. I would constantly call my family, worried that something was going to happen and then a year later something awful did happen- I lost my grandmother, my best friend. After she passed away, my panic attacks stopped- I wasn’t afraid of bad things happening anymore because the worst thing that could possibly happen, in my mind, had happened and guess what, I survived.

A year later, I realize that what fall shows us is change is inevitable- but it is an opportunity for us to show not only the world but ourselves, how we can handle it. If we let go, let change happen and allow ourselves to evolve, we start to recognize the beauty we posses in such a raw honest moment. This fall, every time you see a leaf, I want you to remind yourself how you have changed for the better and how you have grown through each obstacle that was handed in your life this past year (then I want you to reward yourself by stepping on the it, because there is nothing better than the sound of a crunchy leaf).

Change is going to happen in your life, whether it’s good or it’s bad- but what we can learn from fall is that change is beautiful and letting go doesn’t mean you’re losing something- it means you are simply making room for something brand new and come spring, you will know what that is.  

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