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Fall Themed Items to Cry on When Your Seasonal Affective Disorder Hits

Leaves falling are just trees crying. Be like the trees.

As the weather changes, people’s Seasonal Affective Disorder will start to act up. And, no, it’s not where the word “sad” comes from, but it is where your inexplicable sense of doom comes from!

Well, one of the places…

And when those feelings start to take away your sense of humanity, we’ve rounded up a list of all the best fall pieces to cry on or into. Enjoy!


Pile of scarves

This is a great choice for those days where you crave the soft touch that only an animal or human can provide, but your depression has alienated you so much that you feel like you can’t reach out! Who needs to text your friends back when you can snuggle up to cute accessories? They won’t fill the bottomless pit in your heart, but they will make you feel all snuggly!



This one has so many benefits. You get a nice smelling home, which creates a facade of normalcy, and when you cry into the wax the fire will eventually evaporate your tears! Just be careful to not cry onto the wick, or you’ll be stuck relighting the candle every few minutes. However, if you want to be reminded that life is full of never-ending cycles of dread and anxiety, go ahead and cry on that wick. Really make the metaphor work for you.



You probably have varying sizes of these available, so pick something to fit your exact mood. Need a little mid afternoon weep? Grab some booties! Going in for a more serious midnight sobfest? Use your thigh-highs! They’ll hold everything, including that ever-looming cloud of generalized angst above your head. And they’re portable! Crying is only a foot away!


Friday the 13th DVD Box Set

This one will be particularly effective if you do it during October 13th, since it’s on a Friday this year! Be #extraspooky as you remember that life is fleeting. And if you want to distract yourself from depression, watch the movie! Those jump scares will keep you from crying just long enough for you to feel something else! And maybe it’s fear but, at least it’s something, right?



This is a classic piece of fall decor that’s perfect for crying into. It’s sturdy, warm toned, and if you hollow it out you can fit two gallons of tears in a larger one! Love it! You can’t imagine how many times I’ve looked at this lovely gourd and thought “how can I incorporate this into every part of my life?” Well with this, everyone can! And who doesn’t love everything pumpkin? #PSL4LIFE


With this handy arsenal of On Brand™ partners in ~cry~ you will take on your SAD like a pro! Let us know what you like to cry on in the comments!


All joking aside, depression is very real. If you need help, reach out. If you don’t need help, be open to those who do. 

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