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How far will Netflix go? Rather, how far CAN Netflix go?

The race is on: streaming services compete for the hearts and minds of consumers. We know of Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Time Warner, and HBO. Their online presence and content are popular among generations – however, millennials represent the largest demographic to use these services.

There was only one question posed in a survey conducted among 820 millennials:

Which company has the best original content?

The question was simple enough – 79% chose Netflix.

Netflix’s value that the best shows will attract a wide audience has exemplified their original and recent hits. Going further, the streaming service has formed a deal with various television writers, producers, and stars: including Shonda Rhimes from Greys Anatomy, David Lettermen, Jerry Seinfeld, and Millarworld’s founder Mark Millar, who created Captain America: Civil War and The Avengers.

Netflix is expected to reach 859 million subscribers by 2022, eight times the amount of subscribers to date. Given its plans and growing number of streaming customers, it will not be surprising if the answer to the survey’s question will remain Netflix.

[via Motley Fool]

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