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FEMA Website Removes Hurricane Maria Stats for Puerto Rico

Since taken office, The Trump administration has blocked or deleted access to information on government websites. This information has been deemed “unflattering” – such as climate change.

Between October 3 and October 5, viewers could read information on the devastating conditions of Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria through the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)’s website.

An analysis by the watchdog group, Environmental ​Data ​and ​Governance ​Initiative (EDGI), has reported to the Washington Post that the statistics on Puerto Rican’s without power and clean water have been removed from the webpage. EDGI’s also stated the section “Power Restoration ​and ​Fuel ​Impacts,” bullet points, and snapshots of the storm have been deleted.

These statistics have now been uploaded on a website, which is posted in Spanish, by Puerto Rico’s governor, Ricardo Rosselló.

A FEMA spokesman reported to the Post that the information is still available, though it is unrelated to their website:

Our mission is to support the governor and his response priorities through the unified command structure to help Puerto Ricans recover and return to routines. Information on the stats you are specifically looking for are readily available.


[via Mashable]


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