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Fidget Spinner Phones: Because There’s Nothing Else to Waste Money on Right Now

Will we ever see the day that fidget spinners cease to exist? Apparently not in 2017.

We’ve seen everything from gold plated phones to phone cases with a brass knuckle attachment (thanks Rihanna). Some “genius,” the owner of Chilli’s International, has created fidget spinners that operate as fully functional phones (yes with buttons, a screen, and all). The phone’s tiny 1.8-inch screen is somewhat similar to the Motorola flip phones many of us owned as teens, with the storage at a mere 32MB (8GB via microSD). The good part about the damn thing? You can at least spin them.

Its pretty much the equivalent of an updated Tamagachi (which are expected to make a comeback next month). There are no apps, no fancy face recognition, just the simplicity of a functional phone. The company is currently selling them for $20, offering the perfect way to spend money on something you don’t quite need.

[via Mashable]

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