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FINALLY: Kesha is in the Studio with Zedd as Promised


Unfortunatley, Kesha isn’t totally free from Sony, but at least she doesn’t have to work with that douchelord Dr. Luke anymore. If you remember, as I’m sure you do, Kesha called out producer Dr. Luke for sexually assaulting her throughout the decade that they’ve worked together. When the news broke and EVERYONE took Kesha’s side, Zedd said he’d gladly work with Kesha. Then Sony fired Dr. Luke, because bad publicity (I think that was the work of the Internet, but who am I to say?).

Anyway, Zedd made good on his promise and he’s now in the studio with Kesha.

On Tuesday night, Kesha took to Instagram to show the word she’s back in the studio after God knows how many years, and she’s making music again. The photo was captioned:”It’s a miracle when someone gives you a chance at finding your voice again with no reason other than that he is a fucking beautiful person with a heart of gold @zedd #truecolors.”

I don’t know Kesha, obviously, but I’m like insanely proud of her right now.


A photo posted by Zedd (@zedd) on


A photo posted by Zedd (@zedd) on

[via Vulture]

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