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Finally! A TV Bundle That Excludes Sports Channels!

Even, I, an avid sports fan, must agree there are far too many sports channels today. Unfortunately, for those that don’t watch sports, at all there has been no option other than to pay for these channels as they’re often included in the bundle.

Thankfully, a group of cable companies have decided to form a conglomerate of sorts, and create a new streaming service that is expected to resolve the issue for people who have long rendered these channels useless. Viacom, AMC, A+E, Discovery, and Scripps are set to release a soft launch of the service within the coming weeks at a low $20 a month. They seemingly have cut the additional cost that would be included from having the additional channels, being that ESPN with a package deal, regularly cost about $9 (of the $35) most cable companies traditionally charge.

[via Mashable]


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