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‘Fire and Fury’ Has Been Turned Into a Pop-Up Book and It’s Hilarious

via Mashable

The controversial book about Trump’s galavants in the White House, Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, has made headlines all weekend. The retelling of Michael Wolff’s experience in the White House has been disregarded by the Trump administration and deemed false.

And now, as if the truth about Trump as a man-child is not great enough, an artist has created a pop-up book as his own version.

The artist, known as HappyToast on Twitter, uses a 3DS Max modeling software. Apparently, the book was made as a result of “flu based delirium.”

Not all of the ideas were put into the book. “I did have a few other pages noted down, a dummy (pacifier) being spat out of a baby’s bed, a nuclear button and something to do with bedtime water sports, but they got cut to keep things tasteful [and] in line with the book,” he wrote. “I thought I’d wasted enough time already on a joke I really didn’t expect to go so well!”

However, even a pop-up book might be too difficult for the Trumpster Fire to understand. The rest of the book can be seen here.

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