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First Look: ‘Ready Player One’ Set Photo Hits Start

CREDIT: Jaap Buitendijk/Warner Bros.

The first photo from the production of Ready Player One has been released, and I’m excited about how good it looks.

In it, we get our first look at Wade Watts, the main character of the story, standing inside the broken down van which he uses as a hideout and keeps his OASIS gear in.

I’m definitely feeling the ’80s vibe from this. His Converse sneakers, flannel shirt, and even the haptic gloves feel vintage, like he would have gone to Marty McFly’s high school. I wish I could make out what his T-shirt is. Some kind of city map, maybe? It’s hard to tell.

One whole side of the van is lined with newspaper and magazine covers about James Halliday, the creator of the simulated world of OASIS. You can make out headlines like “Halliday: Bigger Than Jesus?” and “Is James Halliday playing games… or playing God?”

There are a few relics of ’80s nostalgia, but most of the van is littered with fast food garbage and a few basic amenities. There are several car batteries and the exercise bike that Watts uses to charge them stacked against the side with cables strewn across them.

I loved reading this book, and it was only fitting that Steven Spielberg signed on to direct. Now that I can see the level of detail given to one of the most important locations, I’m looking forward to more coming out during Comic Con. Maybe even a trailer? (squeals with glee)

Ready Player One premieres in theaters March 30, 2018.

[via EW]

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