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The first penis and scrotum transplant in America at the Johns Hopkins Hospital

The first surgical transplant of a penis and scrotum was done by a team of surgeons in a 14 h surgery at the Johns Hopkins Hospital on 26th March to treat the war wounds of an Afghanistani soldier.

Dr. W.P. Andrew Lee said at a news conference on Monday that the patient will be released this week and, “we are optimistic that he will regain near-normal urinary and sexual functions following full recovery.” The patient, who requested anonymity, will be gradually able to perform the usual urinary and sexual functions but he lost his fertility. Another drawback is that he would have to take strong anti-rejection drugs for the rest of his life.

Dr. Richard Redett, one of the Hopkins plastic surgeons, said, “Our transplant is different because it’s a much larger piece of tissue.” The surgery involved reconnecting three arteries, four veins, and two nerves. Doctors expect that the patient will begin to feel normal about the transplant in about six months. The Hopkins team said the patient had a rare blood type and thus it took a long time to find a good match for this man otherwise the surgery would have been performed in 2015.

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