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Fisherman Scores A Rare Catch, But Lets It Go Because It’s Just Too Pretty To Eat

So we’ve seen pictures of blue, yellow, and the normal red lobsters. But have you ever seen a translucent lobster?

Well fisherman, Alex Todd of Chebeague Island, recently caught one of these rare lobsters. What’s even more astounding than this lobsters appearance, is the fact that chances of catching it is one in a million.

“I’ve never seen a white one. This one was translucent with just a hint of blue in it,” Todd told ABC News in an interview.

Apparently the rare lobster suffers from a genetic condition known as as leucism, according to the Maine Cost Fisherman’s Association. What makes the condition different from albinism which is also found in lobsters, is that the lobster only suffers partial pigment loss. This is why hints of blue can be seen on the lobster’s body.

Even though Todd found himself a rare ocean creature, he decided to let the animal go free —  acknowledging it’s rarity, and the fact that it was a female carrying eggs.

“Even if it had been male, it’s an oddity enough that, why cook it for a $4 lobster?” Todd asked.

Honestly, I don’t think I would want to eat something as pretty as this lobster, and it was a good idea that he let it go free. But I think what might top this news, is if Todd reveals where you can buy lobster at the cheap price of $4. Because that’s one rarity that might be harder to find.

[via mashable]

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