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‘The Flash’ “The Darkness and the Light” Recap

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This week’s episode opens on Earth-2, 8 months ago, as Harrison Wells holds a press conference. Apparently, meta-humans are fairly new there, too, and STAR is committed to preventing the bad guys from getting a foothold. Wells lists a series of applications that will allow people to detect an approaching meta-human — which happens when Jay Garrick shows up.

Garrick demands that Wells be honest,he created the meta-humans, including Zoom. Wells denies it, saying that it’s The Flash who hasn’t done his job by stopping Zoom. His daughter asks him, “Are you okay, dad?”

Back on our Earth, Wells reads the autobiography that Eobard Thawne wrote posing as Wells. After some initial reservations by Team Flash about trusting Wells, he says he has come to help Barry defeat Zoom. He admits to Barry that he created Zoom and the Earth-2 meta-humans — but now he needs to do something about it. Wells doesn’t care what happened with Thawne, but before he can finish talking, Joe comes in and shoots at him. Barry saves him, and takes Joe outside to explain what is going on.

At Jitters, Cisco tells Barry he can’t trust Wells, but Barry is trying to get him to. Enter Ms. Spivot who comes up behind them, she only catches part of the convo and is called away on a police matter. Barry and Patty have an awkward good-bye, after Barry inadvertently turns her down for a date. Cisco tries to tell Barry to ask her out — that he has to be bold. So Cisco awkwardly hits on the barista as he orders his coffee, only to be interrupted by a vision.

When Barry comes up to ask if he’s alright after getting shot down, Cisco tells him that there is a Meta from Earth-2 at the Central City Bank. Barry speeds there and finds a woman who uses a blast of light energy to manipulate matter- throwing the customers about.

Back at STAR Wells tells him Light was a small time thief before she was changed by the particle accelerator explosion. Wells wants to capture her and use her to lure Zoom to their Earth, but as Caitlin and Jay arrive the disagree. Barry begins to wonder how Cisco knew about Light, he lies but he needs Barry to go try and track her down.

Barry heads to a bank where Doctor Light is breaking into the vault. When Barry tries to reason with her, she raises her helmet’s visor to talk to him — and reveals herself to be Linda Park. This surprises him, and when she realizes he knows her, she blinds him and runs.

Back at STAR, Barry tells the team that he’s worried about Linda, since Light now knows she has a doppelgänger. As Jay and Caitlin head off to check on her, Iris shows up to help Barry. He forgot that he has a date with Patty. He has to cancel on her because of the blindness, but Iris gets an idea of how Cisco can help.

Barry has a pair of sunglasses on when he gets to the restaurant — one that Cisco uses to allow Barry to see and to tell him how to get around. This is what The Flash does best, mixes it’s comedy with the drama, the glasses aren’t high-resolution enough to do the job, but they are having a good, albeit awkward time.
On their date, Patty asks Barry about getting struck by lightning. He tells her it was life-changing. As they’re chatting, she tells Barry that she knows he can’t see her. He takes off the glasses, and the two laugh about it. This is intercut with Jay and Caitlin in a van comparing notes about Earth 1&2, they share a moment.

Patty walks Barry to her car, and the two kiss goodnight.

Back at STAR, when Barry mentions Light’s mask, Wells goes to it, saying that he knows how to find Light: give it to Cisco. He uses his meta-human-locating watch to prove that Cisco is a meta-human.

Cisco says he’s not sure what brings on the visions, but Wells insists he touch the mask. He does, but nothing happens. Wells yells at him to try again, and when he does, still nothing. When Cisco says he can’t control it, Wells presses the mask up against his chest, telling him yes he can. Cisco sends Barry to the train station to intercept Light. Barry arrives and evacuates the platform.

At Jitters, Cisco goes back up to the girl behind the counter again — this time to order coffee. She turns around and, with a look, and asks if that’s really all he wants. She claims to have just moved to Central City, and it’s a big change from where she came from. Cisco smiles as he introduces himself to her, and she introduces herself as Kendra Saunders (AKA HawkGirl).

Back at Barry’s table, Cisco brings the coffee and Kendra’s phone number. The team decides Cisco’s name is going to be Vibe.
On Earth-2, Zoom has Wells’s daughter hostage, saying that Wells abandoned her. She says her father will save her, and he said that’s still to be decided

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