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‘The Following’ “Reunion” Recap

With both Mark and Dr. Strauss on the lam, The Following’s Ryan Hardy is left to reunite with his grand nemesis for assistance as a new threat emerges.

At the close of the last episode, Ryan and his team lost sight of both Mark and Dr. Strauss. With Max left bedridden and Mike fuming, Hardy must seek the aid of Joe Carroll to track Strauss. Luckily the case against Hardy and the team concerning foul play in the death of Lily Gray is dropped once they discover Jeffery Clarke’s email was a fake. Their focus now is to track any possible connection to Strauss. Unfortunately one makes himself known.

Ryan and Mike follow a lead of a mysterious Jane Doe murder victim possibly linked to Strauss. Meanwhile Max continues to undergo rehab/therapy from her incident. And she remains silent on her night with Mike, something her boyfriend Tom already knows about.

Ryan and Mike run into trouble when re-examining a crime scene. They find disheveled dolls tied in trees, which leads to a burial ground of several victims. Nine corpses in total over a fifteen year-span completely undetected. The two investigate the son of the town’s sheriff, but nothing connects him to to murders. Meanwhile the real culprit, the deputy’s uncle, reunites with Strauss and Daisy informing them of Hardy’s presence nearby. Ryan and Mike connect the dots linking the diner owner to Strauss. With the truth revealed they seek out Strauss and Daisy.

While this is happening we see flashbacks to Strauss meeting his most celebrated pupil. The masked assailant met the doctor thirteen years ago as he stalked victims online before killing them. Strauss aided him medically after a murder spree went awry. Reunited years later he promised to repay Strauss. Instead he strangles Strauss to death for betraying his trust. Daisy begs for him to spare her life.

The best student lets Daisy go anonymously into the night. He returns to his wife and kids. And Ryan returns to Joe Carroll.


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