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The Foo Fighters Hop in James Corden’s Carpool, And it Leads to an Epic Jam Session

On The Late Late Show with James Corden, our favorite British host went on a carpool journey down memory lane with the Foo Fighters.

James and the Foo Fighters take a drive through downtown Los Angeles while singing some of the band’s classic songs.

They also get into how the band formed and looked back at some crazy moments, revealing that Foo Fighters was born after Nirvana came to an end after the death of the lead member Kurt Cobain. David Grohl, who was the bands longest running drummer, went on to form the Foo Fighters, in a one-man project.

We saw how the band got nostalgic as Mendel recounted, “I remember the first time we jammed, I was playing through a karaoke machine in your living room.”  to which Grohl yelled out “Full circle!”, since here they were again doing karaoke together.

James Corden asks Grohl about the time he broke his leg during a concert. Grohl apparently jumped from the 12 feet high stage and broke his leg. The impressive part of the story is that he continued the concert with the broken leg, while a guy held it in place–The show must go on!

As the band sang songs such as “The Best of You”, “Learned To Fly”, and “All My Life”, they made a stop at a local Guitar Center.

There they jammed out together, with Corden and the Foo Fighters performing “Never Gunna Give You Up”.

In this segment Corden definitely embraced his inner rocker. He ended the performance by attempting a Jimi Hendrix, and tried to play the guitar with his tongue. The Foo Fighters are not only a talented bunch of guys but they also know how to have a good time. This was definitely an entertaining segment of Carpool and you should totally check it out now.


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