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Soccer Star Thanks His Wife, and His Girlfriend, On Live TV, Resulting in Hilarious Backtracking

Via @garyalsmith

High profile athletes have the reputation to be straight gangster. Well, too be fair, all athletes do, no matter their status. Being able to throw or kick a ball just turns someone into a pretentious dick, apparently.

Take Mohammed Anas, who plays for the Free State Stars FC in South Africa’s Premier Soccer League, for example. Though he’s no Tom Brady, Mohammed was named “Man of the Match” after scoring coring twice against AJAX Cape Town, but what he said post game was more memorable than any of his sick soccer skills.

“And I appreciate my fans, also, my wife and my girlfriend… yeah, I mean my wife. Yeah, sorry to say… I’m sorry… I’m so sorry, my wife…”

Someone’s sleeping on the couch tonight…

[Via Mashable]

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