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Ford Has Filed a Patent For an Autonomous Police Vehicle

It looks like we are coming nearer and nearer to the future that John Conner warned us about back in the 80s (anyone?). Okay, maybe the terminators aren’t on their way to destroy us all, yet, but Ford does happen to be applying for a patent for a new autonomous police car, and that is scary enough.

The vehicle would be able to detect infractions performed by other vehicles, sometimes on its own and sometimes through the help of surveillance camera and road side sensors. The car can even issue citations or pursue a vehicle. And some say robots won’t take over the world…

Along with issuing citations, the artificially intelligent vehicle would even be able to wirelessly connect to the car in question and communicate with the passenger and verify their identity. It would also be capable of determining if a vehicle breaking the law warranted citation or just a warning, and then would be able to relay that decision to the driver.

The officer behind the wheel can manually take over the police car should they choose to do so, or use its wireless connection to various databases to gain more information on those breaking the law. Although it’s only a patent, the age of the automaton is definitely upon as, and soon a robot may be the one writing you that speeding ticket…and I wouldn’t argue with it.

[via TechCrunch]

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