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Ford’s New Hybrids Grant Government Personnel Electric Auto Power

Ford is offering law enforcement agencies even more options to choose from with a new plug-in hybrid.

Their newest vehicle has been officially named the Special Service Plug-In Hybrid Sedan, and marks the very first time Ford has created a car that has the ability to run on electric power for government personnel whose jobs don’t require a pursuit-rated vehicle.

Drivers will be able to drive at a top speed of 85 mph, and get an estimated 21 miles of range on simply the battery alone. Ford claims a level two charger will completely refill the battery in as little as 2.5 hours.

Alternating from hybrid mode to gasoline, the car’s top speed increases and the range to more than 500 miles per tank.

The new vehicle has the appearance of Ford’s standard Fusion hybrids, but is specialized with special law enforcement features such as a driver spot lamp and dash cluster dimming options for surveillance. It can also be equipped with emergency light packages.

Ford is planning to invest $4.5 billion over the next five years into new development plans, that include 13 new models planned for release by 2023.

Orders for their newest vehicle, the Special Service hybrid, start in December.

[via Mashable]

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