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‘The Foreigner’ Trailer: Jackie Chan is “An Old Man Running Around the Lot of Us”


In the upcoming thriller The Foreigner, Jackie Chan plays a “humble” businessman who is out for revenge when his daughter falls victim to terrorism. While it is great to see this action legend still able to rumble at the age of 63, if there is one thing that really has me excited about The Foreigner, it is director Martin Campbell.

Campbell is the director of another great revenge thriller, the Mel Gibson-starring Edge of Tomorrow, as well as the best James Bond movies of the Daniel Craig and Pierce Brosnan eras (Casino RoyaleGoldenEye). And wouldn’t you know it, Brosnan is in The Foreigner as well!

Alas, Campbell has been in “director jail” ever since he helmed 2011’s disastrous Green Lantern. This is his first film since then, so hopefully he will back in fine form, reminding us all what we’ve been missing.

The Foreigner arrives in theaters October 13. Watch the latest trailer below:

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