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The Former Equifax CEO’s Senate Hearing Was Crashed by the Monopoly Guy and You Have to See This


Richard Smith, former CEO of Equifax, is testifying before the Senate Finance Committee about the company’s huge data breach, but he wasn’t the biggest subject of the hearing. That title instead belonged to the person who dressed up like the Monopoly guy and photobombed Smith throughout the entire process.

The individual did everything he could to channel his inner Rich Uncle Pennybags, donning a top hat, red tie, fierce white mustache, and of course the signature monocle. While what Smith had to say was incredibly important, considering his company screwed over about 140 million people, the photo-bomber was clearly the center of attention. Twitter also went nuts over it.

Interestingly enough, Uncle Pennybags wasn’t just there to troll the hearing. On Twitter, Amanda Werner, a campaign manager for Public Citizen, wrote on Twitter that, “The Monopoly Man is here to raise attention to Equifax’s get-out-of-jail-free card, forced arb.”

The monocle-clad activist said, “This is a jail free card, it has Equifax and Wells Fargo’s logos on it. It basically explains that forced arbitration allows companies to break the law and not have any consequences because consumers can’t actually go to court.”

Public Citizen president Robert Weissman elaborated on the issue, stating that, “Forced arbitration gives companies like Wells Fargo and Equifax a monopoly over our system of justice by blocking consumers’ access to the courts.”

Weissman continued with, “The CRA resolution striking down the arbitration rule is a virtual get-out-of-jail-free card for companies engaged in financial scams. It should not pass go.”

They’re basically telling Smith to go to jail, not pass Go, and not collect his $200.

[via Mashable]

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