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‘Fuller House’ Episode Plots Revealed!

Fuller House

Production notes for the new Netflix series Fuller House has been rather hush-hush regarding guest appearances as well as episode summaries, but News Cult has received some insider information for fans of the show that is set to debut in early 2016. What can we expect from the gang of Fuller House?

Episode 3- Stephanie Loses a Tooth (From Her Meth Addiction)

Middle-child of the Tanner family, Stephanie, has fallen on hard times and asks her older sister D.J. to get the help she needs as well as tying a string from her rotting tooth to the doorknob so it can be yanked out and subsequently replaced. Will this also bond the sisters over years of lost communication?

Episode 5- Uncle Joey Dates a Canadian Pop Star (And Pays the Price!)

Lovable master of Popeye impressions and seemingly asexual mullet-haired Uncle Joey ventures out of the Tanner basement and dates a Canadian pop star 15 years his junior. The breakup does not go too well and the singer sings all about his sordid habits! Uncle Joey encourages her to, “Cut. It. Ouuuuut.”

Episode 6- Michelle Handles Heath Ledger’s Extra-Long Nap (Before the Paramedics)

Youngest child of the Tanner Family, Michelle, receives a phone call saying her actor friend Heath is not waking from his nap. The person on the phone calls Michelle before calling the cops or an ambulance, so Michelle naturally calls her own private security service to investigate rather than advising to call the paramedics. Will this land Michelle in deep doo-doo? There goes her appetite.

There are also rumors that the awkward-looking, spastic Kimmy Gibbler has gone from gangly teen to stone-cold fox. However, there is a severe lack of skeletons in her closet, so there might not be an entire episode for her. But since Andrea Barber did not star in anything since Full House, the internet safely assumed she died. Halloween episode, perhaps? Or maybe it will be included in the sequel’s sequel, Stuffed House.

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