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‘Game of Thrones’ Spoilers: Kings Landing Might Just Be Burned To the Ground


Game of Thrones has been working hard at trying to keep things under wraps when it comes to the filming of the show’s final season. The franchise has done its best to keep photographers at bay, and it has even gone the extra mile at making scripts electronic and only accessible through certain wifi codes.

But even with all these extra measures, some things still leak, and recently images of Winterfell were shared on Twitter. News reports from Iceland confirm that the show is scheduled to return there for its final season.

But what’s really catching the interests of the onlookers is the emergence of a building that’s being constructed inside the walls of Titanic studio. It is usually the parts of the series that we know nothing about that are filmed at Titanic’s home base.

What is different about this set which is being constructed is that it’s huge! The building sticks out over the tops of Titanic’s gates, and it is easily spotted by drones.

So what is going on inside Titanic? Some fans believe the set to be Dragonstone, suggesting that Cersei has sent the Golden Company to attack Daenerys’ domain while she’s out fighting in the North.

But recent spoilers say otherwise and according to the fansite Watchers on the Wall, these are actually the streets of King’s Landing. Scenes taking place in King’s Landing have usually been filmed in places like Croatia and Spain, which have always made it seem more realistic. But why decide to recreate King’s Landing now? Well according to spoilers, it is going to be burned to the ground.

Instead of using CGI, the show might be using real pyrotechnics. But now these recent spoilers give rise to more questions: Who will burn down King’s Landing? Cersei? Daenerys? All we can do now is wait, and keep speculating, or wait until we get a spoiler which confirms our theories.

[via Elite Daily]

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