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The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 7 Episode 5 Title is SO Important

Okay, try to keep up here.

The upcoming episode of Game of Thrones is titled “Eastwach.”

Throughout the season thus far, things have mainly been taking place in Winterfell and in the South. But what the hell is in the East? We’ve never even really heard of it.

Eastwatch, obviously on the eastern side of Westeros, on the farthest most edge of the Wall, where it meets the Narrow Sea.




So why is that important?

Currently, in the show, the Wall has three castles along it: Shadow Tower, Castle Black and Eastwatch.


The Shadow Tower is towards the most western side of the wall, it runs along the edge of the Lands of Always Winter. That’s basically where the widlings would be hanging out.  Eastwatch is all the way on the other side, running directly into the sea. And of course, Castle Black is where the Night’s Watch chills.

So again, let’s get back to Eastwatch.

If you remember which you probably do: the White Walkers are on their way. Up until recently, everyone thought the the White Walkers and the Knight King would have to break through the wall in order to get into Westeros. However, a theory that’s all but confirmed proves that the White Walkers might simply be able to freeze over the sea to the right of Eastwatch and cross over.

Not good.

In the trailer for this week’s episode, Jon announces that Bran has seen the Night King also headed for Eastwatch.

So it’s very possible that this episode will see the White Walkers freeze the sea over and make their way across.

[via Elite Daily]

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