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‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7 Finale Recap

Well you guys, another season of Game of Thrones is in the books. This season really flew by, mostly due to the fact we got a shorter season this time around. This hectic, yet watchable season hit its highest high tonight with the season finale, and simply said, shit went down. Let’s hop right into it.

As Tyrion notably pointed out during this episode, everyone is so fucked now. We finally realized that during the episode’s final minutes, as we got to see a resurrected Viserion literally destroy the entire wall in the North. Complete with blue fire dragon breath, it was stunning (both visually and emotionally) to see him destroy the wall in a matter of minutes, without much effort. It was a very fitting scene to end the season with, because now we can truly see how screwed these characters are for next season.

But right before it, we got some big scenes as well. We got the confirmation on the long-gestated “Jon Snow is a Targaryen” theory, and he is the true heir to the Iron Throne. It’s quite fitting that he was banging Danaerys during this revelation as well. Yes, Jon Snow was banging his aunt, but to be fair, we’ve seen a lot worse on this show (I’ll get to who you’re thinking about in a little bit). I really liked the presentation behind this scene too, with Bran seeing Rhaegar’s marriage, which then produced Jon. Having Sam there to confirm the wedding information from last week’s episode was great as well, although I really can’t tell what he’ll be up to in Winterfell next season.

Speaking of Winterfell, boy did we get one hell of fist-clenching scene as Littlefinger got executed for his treasons. This was something that was years in the making, and although it should’ve happened a little sooner, it was still great to see regardless. In an episode full of bad shit happening, this was the one time where we were able to rejoice. Pretty much all the signs pointed to Littlefinger dying this season, and the show delivered. Like Sansa said, a lot of the awful shit that’s happened in this show has come about as a result of Littlefinger, including Ned’s death, which I’m pretty sure was mentioned at least once an episode this season. Regardless, we got the end of Littlefinger, and thankfully, no more tension between Arya and Sansa. Could you imagine if one of them killed each other? I don’t think I could handle that.

Lastly, as far as the big stuff goes for this episode, the Lannisters. It was great, but oh my fucking god I hate Cersei so much. She’s easily become the biggest villain on the show nowadays, and she showed absolutely no shortage of cold-heartedness here. The first of which came during her meeting with Daenarys’ whole army, where she balked on the truce, solely because of Jon’s stubborn loyalty. I get that Cersei is a bitch, but she was clearly shook by seeing the undead wight brought out by The Hound. She even explicitly said that they should all come together to make sure there’s still a world left to live in, but she wants to nitpick about how exactly she proposes her allegiances? Like Cersei usually does, she pissed me off during this scene.

Also, Cersei’s pregnant! Of course, it’s Jaime’s child, and the child was probably only conceived as an heir to the throne (even though it belongs to Jon). To me, her pregnancy was the only reveal that was a 100% surprise in this episode, and it was a nice detail to throw in. The reveal itself also made a lot of sense in the context of her conversation with Tyrion, where they both talk about how the Lannister family has basically been reduced to ash. Like a phoenix, new life comes from the ash.

The only real disappointment in this episode came from the lack of a Cleganebowl. I really thought we were going to get a fight between The Hound and The Mountain here, especially with the way it was being hyped up. Cersei gave The Mountain specific instructions on who to kill, but as soon as it looked like the meeting was a docile one, all hopes of a Clegane fight were dashed. I assume it’ll likely happen next season, but tonight felt like the night it was going to happen.

On to some of the more minor stuff, we finally got a bit of Theon this week, after he was inexplicably gone for the past two episodes. As he was getting the shit beat out of him, I half thought that the show would kill him off in a rather unceremonious death, but he fought his way back. I laughed my ass off when he was repeatedly getting hit in the groin, to which he felt no pain whatsoever. He basically pulled a Floyd Mayweather and wore down his opponent so he could therefore win by default (yes I’m still mad that McGregor lost). It was nice to see Theon get a great scene to end this season, due to the fact that we didn’t see all too much of him.

Finally, the aforementioned meeting scene before was great. We got all these characters on the screen at one time who had never shared the screen together, and some sets of characters who either hate each other (Tyrion and Cersei) or were reunited (Tyrion and Podrick). I loved Cersei’s line, “we’ve been here for some time.” We have too Cersei, we have too.

All in all, this was a pretty good finale for what was a good season of the show. Some of the show’s biggest scenes were a tad predictable, but it still didn’t diminish what we wound up seeing on the screen. The building blocks are now in place for the final season of the show, and I can’t wait to see how it all goes down.

Check back here tomorrow for our review of the whole seventh season of Game of Thrones. 

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