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‘Games of Thrones’ Season 7 Has the Best Scripts, Says ‘Game of Thrones’ Actor

game-of-thrones-daenerys-ser-jorah(CREDIT: HBO)

Good news for people who like satisfying character development: the scripts for Game of Thrones Season 7 are “the best seven episodes” that showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss have ever written, at least according to GoT actor Iain Glen.

Glen shared his enthusiasm with Entertainment Weekly, noting:

The story is going toward a conclusion. There’s no sense of treading water. You have storylines colliding. And the evolving drama and relationships are as good as they have ever been. It definitely feels like the beginning of the end game.

Glen also teased the storyline for his character, Ser Jorah, who was last seen being sent away by his queen, Daenerys, to find a cure for his creeping greyscale disease and then hopefully return to her. The word is that his arc this season “is all about whether he will survive this horrendous sickness he’s contracted.” Furthermore, Glen proclaims, “Jorah would die a happy man if he could get forgiveness from Daenerys.”

Now it is time for (a potentially dangerous) confession: I am not an avid Thrones watcher, despite my job of covering entertainment. So, given my lack of knowledge that would come from being a hardcore fan, my biggest takeaway from this story is: it is good that Iain Glen knows how to read, otherwise he would have trouble being an actor on a popular television show.

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