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George Lopez Reminds Angry Audience Member That He Was “Talking, Bitch” Then Watches Her Storm Out in Phoenix


Actor and comedian George Lopez made headlines today after a recording of him berating an angry audience member at a Saturday night show in Phoenix went viral. The video, posted by TMZ, shows the angry audience member standing up and flipping off the comedian, setting off a chain of insults from Lopez, which in turn caused the woman and her group to exit stage right.

The punchline that ticked off the audience member was a joke about G. Lo’s two rules that govern Latino families: “Don’t marry somebody black and don’t park in front of my house.”

After the woman interrupted the set, Lopez won over the rest of the audience, saying, “Sit your fuckin’ ass down!” and reminding her that the man with the microphone was “talking, bitch.”

After the woman’s group stormed out of the show, Lopez responded, “Four seats just opened up front,” which the crowd cheered.

On the scale of comedian-versus-angry-audience-member interactions, Lopez’s retort and the subsequent response from all parties seems rather tame. Instances such as Michael “Kramer” Richards destroying his career at the Laugh Factory and Bill Burr beating Philadelphia to a pulp show just how bad interactions can get, and Lopez managed to keep the audience on his side while also removing the heckler within seconds.

Lopez has yet to react to the video on Twitter, but only time will tell if he angered any netizens enough to warrant a response.

[Via Jezebel]

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