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Georgia Officials One Step Closer to Placing Criminal Charges Against R. Kelly

Georiga officials are considering criminal charges against R. Kelly. A Georgia district attorney is set to take over the case citing new evidence. They will look into allegations that R. Kelly is running an abusive, “cult-like” operation with young girls at his place.

Information on R. Kelly’s sex cult was brought to light in July. Former members of the cult went into detail about the lives R. Kelly forced them to live. He took their phones and gave them new ones with him as the only contact. He would dictate what they wear, eat and when they would shower, sleep, and perform sexual acts.

Though as of right now, R. Kelly has no charges against him that might change soon. Many of the young girls that R. Kelly brings to his house are aspiring artists unaware of the sex cult he is running.

[via Twitter]

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