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You Should Only Get Married If You And Your Partner Share The Same Views On These 6 Things

When it comes to relationships, many are looking forward to making a legal step to further solidify their commitment to each other. Being in a relationship is not easy. You have to have some common values to make it work. Since marriage can be hard and complicated, not to mention expensive, there are some things you need to pay attention to. Here are 6 things you should share with your partner before you walk down that aisle.


This one of the big tenets in society. It is an ideology that can bring people d tear them apart. Religion has been the cause of which some people have started wars. I think that most people should share either similar religion or lack thereof. If you’re Catholic and your partner is Christian, it might work due to some of the similarities. However, if someone is Muslim and the other is Jewish, it can be harder to navigate the differences especially if people are devout followers of their faith.  make sure that you two are on the same page when it comes to religion.


This one is important. It’s huge because children are huge responsibilities. Make sure that you and your partner want the same thing when it comes to kids. Some people want them and some do not. Do not think that you can convince your partner to change their mind. if you do force them, they might build a lot of resentment. The last thing a child need is to grow up with a parent who didnt want them. Trust me their are too many who already know what that feels like.


This one is essential to know as well. if your partner loves the country and you’re a city person, one of you will have to compromise. If neither of you is willing to, you can just quit now. People are creatures of habit and comfort. If not comfortable, they can lash out at others around them.  This can also be hard to work out when Jobs are involved. Relationships are full of sacrifice and compromises, but make sure that your partner is ready and willing to do them before you sign any papers.


“Money makes the world go round” is not just a phrase. Money is essential in today’s world. It’s needed to buy food and other supplies as well as to keep a shelter over your head. If your partner is someone who loves to spend money and you’re less extravagant, then you need to sit down and have a conversation about how you can handle finances. You also need to go over the debt that each of you is bringing before you join names legally. It’s good to know someone credit score and what you’re getting into financially.


As a couple, you and your partner should have at least had a conversation about goals, that you both have. For example, if their goal is to one day live n a tiny house and you’re extremely claustrophobic, you need to know that now. You also need to have an idea of where you see your relationship going.  This a big one. You have to share a common path that you both see.


You and your partner need to both consider what things you place an emphasis on. This can be looked at as morals or political views. You don’t need to always agree but should have some in common. If you value certain behaviors, then you shouldn’t be with someone who thinks that yours are stupid.  It hard to be with someone who thinks the opposite cause you can spend more time butting heads than not.



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