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‘Ghost Stories’ Trailer Packs Supernatural Punch

CREDIT: Lionsgate/IFC Midnight

“The brain sees what it wants to see,” proclaims the trailer for Ghost Stories, a British horror movie that merges three supernatural stories. The film stars Martin Freeman, who isn’t exactly the picture of horror, but whatever.

The trailer touts the stories as “three haunting cases…each more horrifying than the last,” but doesn’t provide much more than that. A rational, skeptical professor (Andy Nyman) attempts to “explain the unexplainable” until some mystifying tapes are left at his door. Soon, the man dedicated to proving the supernatural wrong finds himself in the midst of three inexplicable and horrifying supernatural incidents.

“Do you believe in evil, Professor?” Based on what happens next, he surely will.

Critics are already raving about this release. Jamie East for The Sun calls it “the best British horror for years.” Ghost Stories played at the 2017 London Film Festival and hits U.K. theaters April 13th. (A U.S. release has yet to be announced.)

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