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Girl Buh-Byes World: Disney Channel Cancels ‘Girl Meets World’


As speculated last week, Girl Meets World will indeed be ending after 3 seasons and 70 episodes.

“Disney Channel,” as per a statement from the network, “will present the series finale of ‘Girl Meets World’ on FRIDAY, JANUARY 20 (6:00 p.m. EST). In the episode, ‘Girl Meets Goodbye,’ the Matthews family contemplates a life-changing decision. We are proud that for over 70 episodes, Michael Jacobs, April Kelly and the talented creative team, cast and crew entertained viewers with an authentic and heartfelt look at navigating adolescence.”

The third and final season of the Boy Meets World spinoff returns tomorrow night, January 6, with “World Meets Girl,” and then there will be one more new episode on the 13th ahead of the January 20 finale.

I gotta be real, guys: I don’t know if there is any reason for me to watch the Disney Channel anymore. Unless a Hannah Montana revival happens sometime soon, so wake me up if that happens.

[via Deadline]

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