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This Girl Confessed her Love in One of the Most Creative Ways Possible


Music has always been a great way to show your affection for someone. It used to be a radio outside your crush’s window in the 80s, CDs in the 90s, and in the digital age, it’s Spotify.

Twitter user Hannah Woodley posted the spotify playlist she used to tell her crush she liked him, and it was quickly shared around Twitter.

It’s not exactly the substance of the songs that gets her message across, but the way she organized the titles that spells out her message. When you put all the song titles together, it spells “I kinda like you and I wanted to tell you. You might not feel the same and that is okay but I thought you should know. If you don’t feel it, I still wanna be friends. I am corny.”

Twitter users responded to her playlist with some funny memes.

She also inspired others to make some playlists of their own.

[Via mashable]

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