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This Girl Drops Everything Just To Dance To “Despacito” Because Duh

This brother-sister duo has upped their dancing game recently, and has already gotten 65 million views on Facebook.  Ranz and Nania posted a new video featuring Nania droping what she’s doing just to dance to “Despacito.”

They promise to “post stuff to entertain and hope to inspire the youth…and the grown-ups too,” and let me tell you they have kept their promise.  I promise myself I’m done listening to “Despacito,” but then something like this comes out and it’s back on repeat.

The youngest of the bunch, Natalia, joins the video at the very end to make it even cuter than it already is.  Natalia can break out the moves, and just to show you I’m not lying, enjoy this little snippet of her dancing:

Needless to say, this fam has got some talent.

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