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GM Cruise to Test Self-Driving Cars in NYC

via Mashable

The last thing New Yorker’s need is exactly what is coming: self-driving cars.

Cruise Automation, a GM-owned company, is planning to launch an autonomous vehicle test program that is scheduled to begin in 2018.

The cars are expected to run the busy streets of Manhattan and face a rather unique challenge in both being able to identify pedestrians and overcome plight of weather conditions (not to mention asshole drivers).

The cars are expected to be Chevy Bolts and will operate within a five mile radius around lower Manhattan. This holds a great deal of similarity to the manner in which Uber tested autonomous vehicles in the rising areas of Phoenix. Though Cruise does not yet have intentions of offering rides to the public, they have stated the service could be implemented sooner than later.

Of course this isn’t to be without supervision. The watchful eyes of the law will be teaming up with Cruise in effort to keep the car pilot aligned with the state’s new rules and regulations.

Though GM recently made major investments in Lyft’s AV fleet systems, this is expected to be their biggest venture yet, but also the most difficult because it has never before been done.

[via Mashable]

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