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God Bless Mommy, God Bless Daddy, and God Bless This New ‘Goodbye Christopher Robin’ Trailer

CREDIT: Fox Searchlight

A.A. Milne put his own son Christopher Robin in his Winnie the Pooh books, so of course the real Christopher Robin Milne was an adorable child. What the upcoming film Goodbye Christopher Robin presupposes is: adorable children must have attractive parents. Ergo, A.A. Milne and Daphne de Sélincourt are played by Domhnall Gleeson and Margot Robbie.

(Sidebar: do people find Domhnall Gleeson attractive? The British and Irish standards of beauty are surely different than American ones, so I don’t know how everyone feels about Gleeson’s stark paleness, but he seems to keep himself put together and carry himself around admirably.)

Anyway, Goodbye Christopher Robin is about how Great Britain was ready to fall in love with a picture book bear in the wake of World War I. In addition to Gleeson and Robbie, newcomer Will Tilston plays the title boy and Kelly Macdonald (Diane in Trainspotting, Merida in Brave) plays his nanny.

GCR comes out October 13. Watch the trailer below:

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