Golden Globes: Best Hair and Makeup

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The Golden Globes had many hits in the beauty department department yesterday, a few misses, but only a small number who pulled off a great hair and makeup combination. Congratulations to all the talented winners last night, but now let’s give it up for those that nailed it with the hair and makeup to perfect their look!

Rosamund Pike: This is by far my favorite look of the night. The razor-sharp bob combined with the fresh-faced makeup really made it work. It was refreshing to see someone not be too overly dramatic with their makeup last night and feel comfortable wearing such a natural look.



Zosia Mamet: Zosia Mamet really surprised me last night because not many of her counterparts were able to get it right, but she looked gorgeous! She might even give Rosamund Pike a run for her money. She opted for a gray-blond bob styled in soft curls. She decided to go the natural makeup route with her lined lids, big lashes, pink cheeks and blush lipstick.



Gina Rodriguez: She is the Winner for Best Actress in a Comedy Series, gorgeous girl, very talented, and need I go on? Gina was a winner across all boards last night.  Unfortunately I was cutting onions during her speech so I couldn’t concentrate while she spoke but I loved her look! Walking the red carpet, Gina Rodriguez looked every bit the part of a glamorous TV actress with her cascading waves and kitten-liner.



Felicity Jones: Had a very classic look last night at The Golden Globes. She looked great with her hair pulled back and the emerald shade from Dior was a great color to use because it really showcased her striking eyes.  

Felicity Jones


Kate Mara: I LOVED Kate Mara’s look last night. Her edgy short hair look last night has got to be the best looking hair style on that red carpet last night. Kate Mara also opted for minimal makeup last night. 



Kerry Washington: Why fix it, if it’s not broken? Kerry Washington donned her signature smoldering eyeshadow, matte face makeup, and berry pout.

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Jessica Chastain: Whoever did Jessica’s makeup and hair really deserves an standing ovation. Her brilliant red hair fell in cascading waves and her coral lips was the perfect choice to go along with that brilliant red hair of hers. When you have something as breathtaking as her hair, you have to do your best to use it to your advantage and that is exactly what Jessica did last night.  


Lupita Nyong’O: Lupita has given me the courage to wear my hair au naturel because she always looks so good, and last night was no exception. Her beautiful hair was not the only standout last night because her bright-purple eye shadow showed that she loves to take chances.



Emma Stone I love the fact that ladies like Jessica Chastain and Emma Stone use their brilliant hair to their advantage. Emma Stone took it a bit further with her makeup and had a navy shimmer cat eye. Her berry pout was the perfect choice to go with her short red hair that was worn as a chic short bob in waves.



Claire Danes: Claire Danes took a step out of her comfort zone last night by using color on her eyes. She wore her hair in a pulled back style while wearing a teal and navy eye shadow on her eyes and she opted for a nude color lipstick.



Lorde: Following the footsteps of many other ladies last night, Lorde also wore her hair pulled back in a ponytail. She also debuted a classic red lipstick, which is a huge departure from the usual dark makeup that she is known for using. She looked good!


Amy Adams: The Big Eyes actress is another one that knows what works best for her and sticks with it. Last night she showed up in her signature classic waves which always suits her and decided on a nude-makeup look. Why slather a bunch of makeup on yourself when you have eyes like hers?

Amy Adams



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