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Good News: This IKEA Frakta Bag Christmas Stocking Has No Assembly Required

via Cosmopolitan

Most people swear by IKEA, but others feel it’s too stress-inducing, especially their furniture. With the most difficult to assemble products, IKEA is giving us a Christmas miracle and offering something that requires no assembly at all.

A Christmas stocking, named the “Swedish Stocking,” made in the U.K. from an IKEA bag is priced at ₤20 and is the gift you didn’t know you wanted. The stocking is in high-demand because all 50 limited-edition stockings are already sold out.

via Cosmopolitan

However if you can’t wait for the restock, you can shape and sew your own; at-home assembly in the true IKEA spirit.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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